The Great Tips and Tools for Developing the Professional Webpage


developing professional webpageNowadays, the growth of technology ensures you to follow its growth to enhance your life needs. When we talk about this growth, our idea will be related to internet. Most of people needs about news, entertainment, review, and many more can be fulfilled by internet. Internet also becomes a virtual industry which has a real market. Developing the professional webpage is great way for making money through internet. What you need to gain the success is being creative and different.

When you have deal to choose developing the professional webpage for making money through internet, you have to acknowledge yourself about the crucial aspects that have to be input. In internet industry, your income as a web developer depends on the total of visitors in your web page. Therefore, you have to make sure that the design, feature, information, and any other contents can be received by any visitors. In order to gain the success of this industry, the following tips and tools can be your references.

  • The basic requirement that you have to know is making your webpage clean and clutter free. Clean in this term can deal with two aspects. The first aspect requires your web page to be clean from any harmful and unidentified contents. The second clean means that your web page is clean for viruses that can harm the users’ device. The visual clutter and eye catching image must be also attached to make your webpage interesting.
  • Then, you can make some web design recon. The web design recon can give easiness to your visitors while browsing on your page. They will not gain the information by doing long scrolling. Scrolling down the content will waste the visitors’ time. The web design recon can provide all menus in a well structured categorization.
  • The next point in developing your webpage by giving visual hierarchy tool as the guideline buttons. The visual hierarchy will have the almost similar function with the button menus. However, it function will be specified in delivering the visitor to a specified page too. In menu button you will get some option, the visual hierarchy will only have a single direction. For example, if you make a ‘sign up’ or ‘login’ buttons, they are categorized as visual hierarchy. This is very important to be attached because your visitors are much needed about it.
  • The next idea ensures you to make your content are interesting and easy to be read. The font style and size must be concerned. It cannot be too big or to complicated. The line spacing cannot be ignored. You have to provide some space between the paragraphs to give some breath for the readers. The font color has to matchup with the layout; it has to be contrast and clear. You are required to use the darker font color.

These are the basic tips and tools which are required for starting and developing the professional webpage. You are also required to be more creative and innovative to keep your visitors make your webpage as their favorite.

What to Consider to Make Sure You Can Be Successful with Pay Per Click Program


Pay Per ClickThere are surely so many things you can do to monetize your website. But one point before you can monetize your website is to make sure the visitors have been so great in its amount. Notice that we are talking about the unique visitor each day. If the visitor is good enough, to cope with any monetization program is a piece of cake. Remember that you can really make a fortune out of this kind of business. And at this point, we are going to talk about what you should do to deal with online monetization by using pay per click program.

What is pay per click program? This kind of monetization method refers to the space you provide on your website which will be used to show the advertisements. You will be able to earn some money if the visitors click on the advertisements. The amount for each click is varied and it depends of the advertisers. The amount can be quite low (less than $1) or it might be big. However, please do not think that it will be so hard for you to earn great fortune from this monetization program. Notice that we are dealing with the multiplication here. And remember about the amount of visitors mentioned before. If your website has great amount of visitors each day (let’s say it’s about 1000 visitors), and 10% of the visitors click on the advertisement in which the amount is about $0.5 per click, how much will you get? 10% x 1000 is 100 visitors. $0.5 x 100 visitors is $50. Small isn’t it? Wait a minute. $50 is for one day and one advertisement. On your website, once you have joined in pay per click program, there will be some advertisements. And for the whole month, at least you are able to gain, more or less, $1500. Do you think such amount is still small? I don’t think so. What if the clickers are more than 100 visitors each day? I will let you do the counting then.

Indeed, the explanation mentioned before about the pay per click program is really tempting. However, the reality might not be as sweet as it is shown above. There might be some factors to cause the amount to be less than the calculation we have done earlier. Take the example of the location of the advertisements. Sometimes, because a webmaster wants to optimize the amount of the income, the advertisements are placed all over the web page. This is totally wrong. The visitors will be uncomfortable whenever they visit your website. Thus, instead of clicking the advertisements, they will go away from your website. Therefore, you should be wise about it. Place the advertisements in natural amount and natural placement. For each post, the great placement is usually on top of the article, or within the first paragraph, in the middle and the end of the article. And you can also place the advertisements on your sidebar.

Secrets Finally Revealed: How Many Links You Should Plant in Your Web Page


Dealing with links as the means to improve website’s quality is totally a must. The links can definitely make the popularity of the site become boosted. In this matter, there are basically two things that need to be considered if you want to optimize it. First is about its quality and the second is the quantity. Here, at this point, we are going to focus on the quantity. The reason why we need to talk about the quantity is because there has been some kind of “misunderstanding” comprehended by most online marketer in coping with this matter. Because they want to boost the quality of the website, most people, especially the newbie in online business and web development, have the tendency to put massive amount of links. To be honest, it is not really that good. One thing you must keep in mind is that to flood the web pages with massive amount of link will only dig the grave for your website. Yes, you need to underline that statement.


One problematic situation about this is about how many links (we are talking about the maximal amount) does a web page must have so it will not be valued as spam by Google? Has Google ever issued official information related to the amount of the link? Have you ever heard a rumor that there are only about 100 links which will be crawled by Google for every web page? If such rumor true, what about a web page which has more than 100 links? Those questions must pop in your head for sure and to find the real answers can be really problematic even though those questions are actually the basic matters related to web development. Well, although you are not a SEO expert, there is nothing harmful for you to learn about those matters since we are talking about the quality of your own website. If you are able to handle this matter properly, you will be able to get the greatest result for sure and in the end, you will be smiling. To answer those questions, firstly, you need to know that there is specific term called “link juice” which refers to the “measurement” for link quality especially for backlink.

Well, I, myself, am not an expert in SEO too. I’m also learning here. That is why I think it is not a good idea for you to follow everything I say about link juice. But, using this opportunity, I just want to share what is said by Matt Cutts about the things mentioned before. If you do not really know who Matt Cutts is, he is the head of AntiSpam team for Google. Well, what he said is actually the “law” and it is undeniable. Matt Cutts has briefly said what should be done by web owners about the links of their websites in a video. Here, are the points of the statements Matt said.

Matt Cutts

  1. It is true that Google has certain formula related to the backlink and link juice. Matt said that there is a limitation about the amount of link contained by a web page which will be crawled and indexed by Googlebot. However, unfortunately, Matt did not mention the exact number. Well, we all know that it is totally the secret of Google and this number one searching engine will not reveal it. For addition, Google also believes that websites will be developing so the limit of the backlink is also dynamic by considering the development done by the websites.
  2. Like what has been stated before, the maximal amount of links on a web page must never be too many. We are talking about both inbound and outbound links. The more links you get will give you greater risk to be valued as spam. According to many SEO practitioners, 100 links in a web page is still valued as a safe amount, though.
  3. The more amount of the link in a web page results in lower link juice quality of the page itself and you surely do not want it to happen. Matt Cutts has explained in detail that if a page with PR contains 100 links directed to get out of the website then the strength or the quality of the links will be divided evenly with its outbound links.

To make it simpler for you to comprehend about this matter, check out this following illustration.

Let’s assume the “strength” of a page with PR 5 is 50

There are 100 links directed to get out of the website.

Then, for each link, you will get 50/100 = 0.5. That’s your link juice. Small isn’t it?

From the explanation above, we can take some conclusions.

  • First, we should never put too many links so our web page will not be valued as spam.
  • Second, make sure the page we plant the backlinks is the page that has just enough outbound link. Hence, the quality of the link juice can be well maintained.

The Importance of Wed Design Inspirations in Building Your Own Web


Building a web to fulfill a serious need, such as business or something like that is certainly not a piece of cake. Instead it is something important. Serious website should certainly be built seriously too. One example of ways that can be done in it is by applying the right and of course fascinating wed design that can attract more and more people to visit. Believe it that creating a web page with great quality and also attractive web design is not an easy thing to do. That is why you need some web design inspirations that will enlighten your mind about how a good web looks like. One thing that you have to remember here is that you are not looking for something to copy and then paste it in the design of your own web page. Instead, here you are actually looking for something that can stimulate you to get your own idea about the design of web that will be suitable more to the concept of your business and later on apply this in the hope that the web will look great that people have interest in visiting it.

According to the previous explanation, it is so certain that web design inspirations are important things in relation to your effort in building your personal or business web page. Now that you already knew about this, the next thing that you have to find out is where to get the inspiration so that you can be helped. Well it is so obvious that the answer will be internet. The problem is that it is quite impossible for you to surf every single page randomly in your browser in the hope that you will find the inspirations that you are looking for. That is why when you are using your internet searching engine to search the inspirations, it is certainly great if you limit the search by counting on to some more specific word such as inspirational web, inspirational design for web, and some sort of words. Doing so, there is a bigger chance for you to get what you really need quickly.

One thing that you have to know here that might be helpful in your searching is that web design inspirations should contain of some characteristics. First of all, they should be simple instead of complicated for people to browse. Other than that, they should be quite new instead of using the already-available web design template. Other than that they should also be completed with original pictures or digital art to make it away from boredom impression. When you find that there is a web design that contains all these points, it seems that this web design is really the inspirational one that you are looking for right now.

The Reasons for You to Hire Web Development Service

The Reasons for You to Hire Web Development Service

Having a web for the business that you are running is certainly great. Of course it is not only about “Wow, my business can be seen via internet”. It is actually more about the fact that a web is a thing that brings a lot of good things to you and especially to the business that you are running. When you decided to have a web page for your business it is so sure that you may not just built it and then leave it for anybody to visit. If this kind of action is the one that you do, believe it that your web page will never successfully survive. The meaning is that there will never be a lot of people who are willing to visit your web page because it simply looks boring. If the fact is that you are already experienced this kind of thing, there is only one solution that you should choose. The solution is hiring web development service.


The web development service is actually the one that is helpful in changing boring web page to fresh and new one. If you want to, you can also order the service provider to change the whole look of your web page. This way, you will be able to get new looking web page that can arrest the attention of more people out there. The bigger the number of people who are interested to visit your web page means that there is also a bigger chance for you to gain clients to make your business more successful. This kind of service provider is certainly the one that you can count on to get all things that are just mentioned here. Moreover, you have to know also that actually it is guaranteed that the provider really knows what to do.


One other thing that makes web development service to be more recommended for you to hire because it also has some strategies that can be used to increase the SEO or Search Engine Optimization of your web page. The function of SEO can simply be explained as a strategy to make your web page can be found easier in Google or any other popular internet searching engines. The combination of better web page with better design and also better SEO like this is the one that is proper to be called as perfect. The reason is of course because there is an even bigger possibility for you to get more clients to support the business that you are promoting via the web page. With all these reasons that you already know, it is good for you to hire the service that we are talking about here as soon as possible so that benefits can be obtained soon too.

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