Effective Ways to Grab More Website Visitors


Website VisitorThere is no one come to your website? You do need to be so sad, you can still fight for it and make your website have a lot of visitors and become the center of people attentions. Of course it is not an easy task as to increase or to a thousand of visitors need an effort. Basically, the website itself has no problem because it has designed and arranged well. However, the website is just a website, it not human who can speak about themselves but it need your help to promote or introduce the website in order to be noticed by people. Everything will be changed, if you begin to try using your creativity ideas to make over your website and attract more visitors for your website. You can do some these effective ways to invite a hundred of people to open your website.

You can effort a lot of visitor if you create a great website. Underlined the word great, it means that you must have a high quality blog or website that can give a reason people to come into your site , so please supply your visitor with some excellent, valuable and precious material in time after time. Do not just a post that everyone can make it. You can also add or show such a tutorial video or pictures to give a best impression for your visitors. Have a sharp headline and give an exact or concrete examples also can be a good ways to stimulate people to stay in your website, and it is a must for you to ask people to subscribe your website to keep your visitor  come often into your website.

The other ways to invite more visitors for your website, it is a good for you to give a part of your work. You do not need to give all your work for free but just a little part of your work for example one of the best songs in your new album or a chapter of your book or novel. Do not worry that you don’t get money from give it free, just give them a trust as if the know and love your work, they will buy your work later. All these previous tips can dig up your visitor to grow more and more but this last tip is the most effective way to catch more website visitors. You can use your social networking account to spread, share and promote your website or blogs by giving a link of your website. FB, Twitter and other social networking are the best tools to make your content easily to reach by people, but do not only share your own website but be more active to share website that not yours as not only you are a kind person but you can be such a hero for some people as you provide them some cool sources then they will follow you.

All these tip is not guarantee you to have a lot of visitors in a short time as it needs times, hard works, and your consistency to keep doing it. However, you can still pick some benefits as now your website become a magnet for subscribers and links as it has circulated well and your website becomes more attractive site. Then, you will realize that now people begin admire your website and there are more visitors for your website come every day.

Web Design Basics: Things Can Help You to Design a Website


Web Design BasicsA website always requires the best design which can fulfill the needs of the owner and which can represent the goals of the website itself. As a matter of case, there are some web design basics everybody should know to design a website personally.

Type of Web Design Software

The first basic factor you should know when you are going to design a website is the type of web design software. There are many types of web design software which is available for free. You can use them to design your own website based on your need and expectation. Obviously, web design software involves various themes, layout, and features used to design a website. By knowing the type of web design software and how to use it, you will be able to develop a professional website for your own or for your clients.

HTML Codes and Tricks

The next basic factor of web design basics you have to know is the HTML codes and tricks. HTML codes are the main weapons you should master before designing such a website. HTML codes are the formulas you should use to set the layout, pictures, posts, side bars, and many other options. In fact, you should not be an IT programmer or professional web designer to understand the HTML codes. You only need to be familiar with them and know the tricks to manage them. After all, you will be able to design your own website like a pro.

How to Set the Layout of a Website

Another basic factor you should understand before designing a website is how to set the layout of a website. For your information, layout is an important aspect of a website. Through layout, people can define whether your website is interesting, informative, and beneficial or not. Besides, the layout also defines whether your website is a kind of professional website or not. Therefore, you have to be very careful when designing the layout. Your layout is like a representative of the content of your website. It should represent many aspects, such as the concept, the goals or purposes, the category, and even the owner.


The last basic factor you have to consider before designing a website is the features. Many website owners like to attach some features to their websites in purpose to make their website more interesting and interactive. There are many types of website feature you should know, such as online chatting boards or online messengers, animated banners, exclusive logos, advertisements, direct links, and more.

Knowing the web design basics is very beneficial especially for those who want to start designing their own website. Instead of knowing those necessary elements, you have to always consider the domain and website hosting to support your own website.

Cheap but Good Hosting


Are on your way in making your own website but you are stuck in finding web hosting? And it will be worse if the main problem why you are stuck in finding web hosting is you are in a condition where you are short of cash? As old people say “There is a will, there is a way”, your problem is actually able to be solved.

The next thing you need to do is find a cheap but good web hosting to complete your work on making your website. It is can be said that finding cheap web hosting is an easy work to do, but to find a cheap but good web hosting is another work. You may find many and many cheap web hosting on your search but the quality of their hosting is still questioned. Cheap web hosting usually lead to unsafe data storage or misusing of people’s data that are storage data, whether the misusing is for the need of the owner of the web hosting or to do harm to other people. Thus, to find cheap but good web hosting, you can use several ways.

One of the ways that is available is by buying the storage of the others. Maybe some people are not involved anymore in web hosting and they want to sell their storage, thus this is your chance to obtain cheap but good web hosting. Yet, you must still aware of it, find out the reputation of the old owner is important to avoid harm that may happen to you. Or, you can get some web hosting coupon to lower the price of web hosting.

Having coupon is one great thing that you may do, as it saves some money so you can use it for another need. Yet, you must still be aware of this kind of thing, there are many services that offer web hosting coupon in order to decrease the price of the storage but they are actually fake. You should find the trustworthy service of web hosting coupon to make sure that you are using the right coupon to complete your website. To get the best satisfaction, you are highly recommended to get the coupon from Coupon Divvy to help you save more money.

Secrets Finally Revealed: How Many Links You Should Plant in Your Web Page


Dealing with links as the means to improve website’s quality is totally a must. The links can definitely make the popularity of the site become boosted. In this matter, there are basically two things that need to be considered if you want to optimize it. First is about its quality and the second is the quantity. Here, at this point, we are going to focus on the quantity. The reason why we need to talk about the quantity is because there has been some kind of “misunderstanding” comprehended by most online marketer in coping with this matter. Because they want to boost the quality of the website, most people, especially the newbie in online business and web development, have the tendency to put massive amount of links. To be honest, it is not really that good. One thing you must keep in mind is that to flood the web pages with massive amount of link will only dig the grave for your website. Yes, you need to underline that statement.


One problematic situation about this is about how many links (we are talking about the maximal amount) does a web page must have so it will not be valued as spam by Google? Has Google ever issued official information related to the amount of the link? Have you ever heard a rumor that there are only about 100 links which will be crawled by Google for every web page? If such rumor true, what about a web page which has more than 100 links? Those questions must pop in your head for sure and to find the real answers can be really problematic even though those questions are actually the basic matters related to web development. Well, although you are not a SEO expert, there is nothing harmful for you to learn about those matters since we are talking about the quality of your own website. If you are able to handle this matter properly, you will be able to get the greatest result for sure and in the end, you will be smiling. To answer those questions, firstly, you need to know that there is specific term called “link juice” which refers to the “measurement” for link quality especially for backlink.

Well, I, myself, am not an expert in SEO too. I’m also learning here. That is why I think it is not a good idea for you to follow everything I say about link juice. But, using this opportunity, I just want to share what is said by Matt Cutts about the things mentioned before. If you do not really know who Matt Cutts is, he is the head of AntiSpam team for Google. Well, what he said is actually the “law” and it is undeniable. Matt Cutts has briefly said what should be done by web owners about the links of their websites in a video. Here, are the points of the statements Matt said.

Matt Cutts

  1. It is true that Google has certain formula related to the backlink and link juice. Matt said that there is a limitation about the amount of link contained by a web page which will be crawled and indexed by Googlebot. However, unfortunately, Matt did not mention the exact number. Well, we all know that it is totally the secret of Google and this number one searching engine will not reveal it. For addition, Google also believes that websites will be developing so the limit of the backlink is also dynamic by considering the development done by the websites.
  2. Like what has been stated before, the maximal amount of links on a web page must never be too many. We are talking about both inbound and outbound links. The more links you get will give you greater risk to be valued as spam. According to many SEO practitioners, 100 links in a web page is still valued as a safe amount, though.
  3. The more amount of the link in a web page results in lower link juice quality of the page itself and you surely do not want it to happen. Matt Cutts has explained in detail that if a page with PR contains 100 links directed to get out of the website then the strength or the quality of the links will be divided evenly with its outbound links.

To make it simpler for you to comprehend about this matter, check out this following illustration.

Let’s assume the “strength” of a page with PR 5 is 50

There are 100 links directed to get out of the website.

Then, for each link, you will get 50/100 = 0.5. That’s your link juice. Small isn’t it?

From the explanation above, we can take some conclusions.

  • First, we should never put too many links so our web page will not be valued as spam.
  • Second, make sure the page we plant the backlinks is the page that has just enough outbound link. Hence, the quality of the link juice can be well maintained.

Some Easy Steps on Developing Personal Website


Internet is so important in today’s life. So many things attach to internet. Almost all company use computer and internet to conduct a business. If you want to learn about certain company, you just have to visit the company website. Having a website is important for companies, but what about having personal website? If you want to have a personal website, then you can develop it by yourself. There are many reasons of why you might want to have personal website. One of the reasons might be that you like to write blog in your personal website. If you never build your own website, then you might need some helps. But it would be fun if you do it by yourself.

If you want to build a website, then you need to find a web hosting. There is some web hosting that you can choose especially if you are a beginner. You should choose the one that you like best. After you are able to find certain web hosting, you can start choosing certain domain. A domain name is the one thing that people look when they want to find your website. So you might want to create your own domain name. It could be more creative in that way. But you should remember that the domain name should reflect your website. If you want to stay connect to other people, you might want to have an email address connected to your domain name. The first thing people see in you website is the design. Web design is the first impression for your personal website, so you need to design it as best as you can.

If you do not know how to make a design for you website, then you can choose a template design from your web hosting. Some web hosting offer you with several template design that you can choose. Even if design is important, the content of your personal website is also important. You need to make a profile of yourself. A personal website is all about you, so just write anything you like. You should not restrain yourself in your own personal website. Remember to be creative so more people would like to visit your personal website.