The Great Tips and Tools for Developing the Professional Webpage


developing professional webpageNowadays, the growth of technology ensures you to follow its growth to enhance your life needs. When we talk about this growth, our idea will be related to internet. Most of people needs about news, entertainment, review, and many more can be fulfilled by internet. Internet also becomes a virtual industry which has a real market. Developing the professional webpage is great way for making money through internet. What you need to gain the success is being creative and different.

When you have deal to choose developing the professional webpage for making money through internet, you have to acknowledge yourself about the crucial aspects that have to be input. In internet industry, your income as a web developer depends on the total of visitors in your web page. Therefore, you have to make sure that the design, feature, information, and any other contents can be received by any visitors. In order to gain the success of this industry, the following tips and tools can be your references.

  • The basic requirement that you have to know is making your webpage clean and clutter free. Clean in this term can deal with two aspects. The first aspect requires your web page to be clean from any harmful and unidentified contents. The second clean means that your web page is clean for viruses that can harm the users’ device. The visual clutter and eye catching image must be also attached to make your webpage interesting.
  • Then, you can make some web design recon. The web design recon can give easiness to your visitors while browsing on your page. They will not gain the information by doing long scrolling. Scrolling down the content will waste the visitors’ time. The web design recon can provide all menus in a well structured categorization.
  • The next point in developing your webpage by giving visual hierarchy tool as the guideline buttons. The visual hierarchy will have the almost similar function with the button menus. However, it function will be specified in delivering the visitor to a specified page too. In menu button you will get some option, the visual hierarchy will only have a single direction. For example, if you make a ‘sign up’ or ‘login’ buttons, they are categorized as visual hierarchy. This is very important to be attached because your visitors are much needed about it.
  • The next idea ensures you to make your content are interesting and easy to be read. The font style and size must be concerned. It cannot be too big or to complicated. The line spacing cannot be ignored. You have to provide some space between the paragraphs to give some breath for the readers. The font color has to matchup with the layout; it has to be contrast and clear. You are required to use the darker font color.

These are the basic tips and tools which are required for starting and developing the professional webpage. You are also required to be more creative and innovative to keep your visitors make your webpage as their favorite.

2 Best Platforms for Creating a Dazzling Website Homepage


Creating a WebsiteCreating such a wonderful website is not easy but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make it by yourself as there are available many platforms that help you to get a website in an easy way. Even you do not have certain skills or great abilities in making a website, surely you still can make an interesting website design. Maybe you are too confused to choose what the best platform that suitable for you as there are so many platforms that out in the year of 2014 and successfully can get people’s attention and impress people to happily using it as the effective tool of creating a website. If you have a difficulty in choosing the platforms, there are 2 great platforms that can give you the best offers of many attractive template designs and design feature properties. Thus, the two following platforms can be your consideration to be a smart tool for making a design for your website homepage.

Everyone knows that IM Creator is the king of website templates. When people have an intention to make a website, they always ask the help of IM Creator as it provide sophisticated design tools. People also have an opportunity to choose their favorite template of website design   by browsing and selecting a bunch of template collections that provided by IM Creator. IM Creator is a smart choice for you who want creating a website in creative and innovative ways. Everyone can enjoy this platform for free as a free user. When you are a free user, you will have a freedom to create a new website with 50 Mb capacity of storage. With a premium plan of IM Creator you will get more benefits and have more amazing templates with unlimited storage capacities. If you want to try this premium plan you must pay about $5.95 in each month. Beside IM Creator, there is a platform that should you know that is Webydo. Webydo is a website design platform that can make our wish come true means that it has all criteria what people need for creating a website that looks like a professional website design. Its design feature is like a Photoshop and also has a blank canvas. This will make the designer free to use their creativity and initiative and find some inspirations to begin to create such a nice website. Then, you can show to the world that you can make a website with your own hand by using Webydo.

You will be thankful with these platforms as they facilitate you with many collection and creation of website templates that is very fantastic, dazzling and eye-catching for you. Creating a website is more fun and easy with the two platforms, then you will be proud of with your website creation.

Mistakes You Should Avoid when Designing a Website


Web Design MistakesWho says that designing a website is an easy thing to do? It probably looks easy but actually there are many things you should consider in designing a website. There are many web design mistakes people often do when they are creating a web. In order to keep the effectiveness of your web, you have to hinder all those mistakes. Here are some mistakes you may not realize.

The first mistake people often do is not paying attention to the accessibility to their website. Accessibility here means the ease to access your web. This is one of many web design mistakes people don’t realize because many people consider only the beauty of their website without paying much attention on the accessibility such as operating system. Many things should be taken to considerations such as “what your web will look like if the visitors access it from mobile instead of computer?”, “does your web design or layout will change and still can be accessed and read when the visitors change their text size?”, and many more questions. The next mistake is that there is no contact information in your web. Never abandon this little piece of information because the customers may sometimes need your information. For a business website, clear contact information is absolutely something you should put in your web.

The other web design mistakes are related to the appearance of the web itself. Many people use “click here to enter website” in their web’s front page. Does it really necessary? No. Never use that link because your customers have already been in you website. The link will only annoy the customers. If you want to add audio to your website, make sure that you don’t set it automatically played. Put a button to play and stop the audio because not all visitors want to listen to the audio you put. Besides audio and the useless link, the other mistake is using too much flash. Flash is nice to make your web look interesting, but if it is too much, it will annoy the visitors for sure. Also, don’t forget to pay attention to the navigation because if it doesn’t clear, it will confuse the visitors. Make the navigations as clear as possible. The last mistake is the dead links. Make sure that all links you put in your web work. If not, it will disappoint your visitors and it is possible that your customers will lose interest in your web. You don’t want it happen, do you?

Tips to Choose the Right Domain Names for Your Website


Choosing Domain NamesChoosing domain names is the first step that will define the success of your website. Some may think that this is an easy think so they just don’t take it into consideration. You are really wrong if you think so because deciding what domain name that you will use for your web is very critical in boosting your web to be a popular and successful one. Before you choose domain name, firstly you should know that there are many extensions of .com you can use. They are .edu, .info, .org, .net, .gov, .biz, etc. You should understand what your web is for so you can choose the right domain name. For example, if your web is moving on education field, it is suggested to use .edu.

After you know clearly what extensions you will use, the other step in choosing the right domain names is thinking of the words you will use. Choose short but interesting and memorable words instead of long difficult sentence. If you make a domain name with difficult words, you web will be very hard to find because people hardly remember the name. Remember! People say that the consumer is the lord. They are so lazy to remember hard words just to find your web. Instead of finding your web, they will prefer to look for another one. So, be creative and make easy-to-remember name to get people’s attention. Besides, be specific on what you focus on. Use relevant name for you website. Having a website with relevant domain name will pull in the visitors to your web definitely.

Another tip to choose domain names for your web is being smart and careful to hindertrademark infringement. In other words, you have to check whether you domain name has some similarities with the other or not. Be careful because if your web is identical with the others, you may risk your web into trademark infringement. Thus, when you find your domain name is identical or even has been registered by the other users, you have to make difference. For example by adding hyphen or the combinations of it to your domain name. Or, you can use abbreviate or acronyms as the last choice in case your domain name is already taken. Your duty is not finished yet after you get your domain name registered.You have to make sure that you have the details of your domain name. This will prevent the other to register your domain name someday when your registration is lapsed.

Web Design Basics: Things Can Help You to Design a Website


Web Design BasicsA website always requires the best design which can fulfill the needs of the owner and which can represent the goals of the website itself. As a matter of case, there are some web design basics everybody should know to design a website personally.

Type of Web Design Software

The first basic factor you should know when you are going to design a website is the type of web design software. There are many types of web design software which is available for free. You can use them to design your own website based on your need and expectation. Obviously, web design software involves various themes, layout, and features used to design a website. By knowing the type of web design software and how to use it, you will be able to develop a professional website for your own or for your clients.

HTML Codes and Tricks

The next basic factor of web design basics you have to know is the HTML codes and tricks. HTML codes are the main weapons you should master before designing such a website. HTML codes are the formulas you should use to set the layout, pictures, posts, side bars, and many other options. In fact, you should not be an IT programmer or professional web designer to understand the HTML codes. You only need to be familiar with them and know the tricks to manage them. After all, you will be able to design your own website like a pro.

How to Set the Layout of a Website

Another basic factor you should understand before designing a website is how to set the layout of a website. For your information, layout is an important aspect of a website. Through layout, people can define whether your website is interesting, informative, and beneficial or not. Besides, the layout also defines whether your website is a kind of professional website or not. Therefore, you have to be very careful when designing the layout. Your layout is like a representative of the content of your website. It should represent many aspects, such as the concept, the goals or purposes, the category, and even the owner.


The last basic factor you have to consider before designing a website is the features. Many website owners like to attach some features to their websites in purpose to make their website more interesting and interactive. There are many types of website feature you should know, such as online chatting boards or online messengers, animated banners, exclusive logos, advertisements, direct links, and more.

Knowing the web design basics is very beneficial especially for those who want to start designing their own website. Instead of knowing those necessary elements, you have to always consider the domain and website hosting to support your own website.

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