Clean and Modern Web Design and How to Make It

Clean and Modern Web Design and How to Make It

Making clean and modern web design is really necessary. That is one of important ways to attract readers to visit your website. However, some people are still confused how to make their website that clean and that modern. Actually, it is not that hard to make the website clean and sophisticated. You just need to understand what elements that should be set for the design. Well, this article will give you some information dealing with the tips of clean and modern web design inspiration.

Tips to Make Clean and Modern Web Design: White Space

The first element that you have to pay attention to in clean and modern web design ideas is space. You need to adjust the space with your content. So, your website is not awkward and messy. You are able to use white space instead of lines, boxes or graphics to separate visualization presented in your website. In addition, your website will be more elegant and cleaner with white space. So, just implement the suggestion which is using white space to create clean and modern web design.

To create white space, you are able to use Photoshop which has Guides and Grids. Those are really helpful to position each element in the website accurately. You can create a guide by pressing Ctrl+R for Windows program and Cmd+R for Mac program. Your whole document will be overlaid by the grid. Then, it is set by the guides manually. If this explanation is still blurry, you are able to download Photoshop tutorial. There are thorough explanations about making white space for clean and modern web design there.

Tips to Make Clean and Modern Web Design: Depth and Detail

The next two elements that will help you create clean and modern web design are depth and detail. You are able to adjust the depth by setting the shadow and light. Those things are able to create real and crisp look your website elements. You are able to apply shadow effects to any object you want. You can also apply the effects to text layer and selection. However, you have to choose a color which is appropriate with the color of forgo and background.

Let us move to the detail. You are able to create it by setting effects of gradient layer and gradient tool. Those play a big role in making your web design cleaner, more effective, and more modern. You are able to apply the gradients in each aspect of styling such as highlights and shadows to get a look of clean and modern web design.

Design Principles: What You Should Know

Design Principles: What You Should Know

Design principles are the things you should follow when it comes to making design since it contains the basic rule of creative design. Those are the things that should be mastered by the designers. There are some aspects that you should notice when you make a design. Keep in mind that making a design cannot be done carelessly unless you are an amateur. For the professional ones, there are some things that they should follow. Design principles and elements are something related. That is why you should master both of them to get the creative design.

Design Principles: Balance, Gradation, Repetition, and Contrast

Balance is something you learn in design principles. When you have two images combined, the large one should be balanced by the small one, the dark light tone should be balanced with the light tone, and such. Gradation will give you the linear productive. The direction and size gradation from dark to light or warm to cool will give the aerial productive. Repetition should be made with the kind of variation. Repetition without variation will be boring and monotonous. Contrast is the opposed elements. In color wheel, it can be green to red, orange to blue, and such. Contrast in tone, like dark to light.

Design Principles: Harmony, Dominance, Unity

Harmony in design principles will give you the satisfying visual in effect by combining the similar elements. It is actually the opposite of contrast. Dominance can be used in one certain element to emphasize the design. The great dominance will make your design far from being monotonous. Unity is the combination of two different elements that are meant to be combined. For example, rough texture, oblique direction, and course can be best to combine with subject that is active and aggressive. It is because both of them will give the great design.

Keep in mind that design principles and practice are something you cannot separate. It means that if you want to follow the design principles as perfect as possible, you should practice as many times as possible. One thing for sure, creative design is not that hard to get if you know how to do it.

If you want to get the inspiration, there are many websites out there that you can use to get the ideas. You can also get the template and customize it based on your imagination. Yet, when you use your imagination, do not forget to also follow the rule of design principles.

Knowing the Elements of Web Development


Web Development ComponentsWeb development is the programming that enables website to run well based on the web designer’ wants. It usually deals with the non-design element of website includes coding and writing markup. The web development process covers some elements, such as web design, web content development, and network security configuration. Developing a web require some information that will help you achieve the web development process. Here are some elements of web development that you need to know in developing your website.

Audience information

It’s very important to know information about the target audience of your websites. All detailed information help you creating the website that match with the visitors’ needs. However, this information might not be relevant and accurate as the time goes by. You need to gain information every period of time in order to have accurate information about the website visitors.

Purpose statement.

The aim or the goal of the website should be clear and bold. Displaying the goal or the purpose for the website can be a great way to show the path that visitors can have in exploring the website.

Objectives list

One of elements of web development is objective list. Objectives list comes from the purpose statement. It conveys the specific goals that should be accomplished by the website. The objective should be clear and relevant in order to make the website succesfuly developed.

Web Specification

Detailed description of the website help the visitors have better understanding about the elements provided.

Domain information

Collection of knowledge and information about the subject domain the web covers is called as domain information. It includes the information that are provided to the visitors of the website and also the information that are needed by the web developers. Though not all of those information are needed to be displayed to the website visitors, complete information will be essential for the website developer. The complete information can interest the visitors to visit the website again to explore more information about the company or the products.

Web presentation

Web presentation comes from the combination of implementation process and design of website. It includes the efficiency, aesthetics, and web-usage patterns elements. Web presentation helps in achieving web specification.

Elements of web development are essential in making your web developed successfully. All of the elements are interconnected to the other. Each presence of the element determine the success of the development of website.