The Great Tips and Tools for Developing the Professional Webpage


developing professional webpageNowadays, the growth of technology ensures you to follow its growth to enhance your life needs. When we talk about this growth, our idea will be related to internet. Most of people needs about news, entertainment, review, and many more can be fulfilled by internet. Internet also becomes a virtual industry which has a real market. Developing the professional webpage is great way for making money through internet. What you need to gain the success is being creative and different.

When you have deal to choose developing the professional webpage for making money through internet, you have to acknowledge yourself about the crucial aspects that have to be input. In internet industry, your income as a web developer depends on the total of visitors in your web page. Therefore, you have to make sure that the design, feature, information, and any other contents can be received by any visitors. In order to gain the success of this industry, the following tips and tools can be your references.

  • The basic requirement that you have to know is making your webpage clean and clutter free. Clean in this term can deal with two aspects. The first aspect requires your web page to be clean from any harmful and unidentified contents. The second clean means that your web page is clean for viruses that can harm the users’ device. The visual clutter and eye catching image must be also attached to make your webpage interesting.
  • Then, you can make some web design recon. The web design recon can give easiness to your visitors while browsing on your page. They will not gain the information by doing long scrolling. Scrolling down the content will waste the visitors’ time. The web design recon can provide all menus in a well structured categorization.
  • The next point in developing your webpage by giving visual hierarchy tool as the guideline buttons. The visual hierarchy will have the almost similar function with the button menus. However, it function will be specified in delivering the visitor to a specified page too. In menu button you will get some option, the visual hierarchy will only have a single direction. For example, if you make a ‘sign up’ or ‘login’ buttons, they are categorized as visual hierarchy. This is very important to be attached because your visitors are much needed about it.
  • The next idea ensures you to make your content are interesting and easy to be read. The font style and size must be concerned. It cannot be too big or to complicated. The line spacing cannot be ignored. You have to provide some space between the paragraphs to give some breath for the readers. The font color has to matchup with the layout; it has to be contrast and clear. You are required to use the darker font color.

These are the basic tips and tools which are required for starting and developing the professional webpage. You are also required to be more creative and innovative to keep your visitors make your webpage as their favorite.

What Makes a Good and Professional Web Developer?


Web DeveloperWeb developer is an essential part of website building and hosting. A website developer must cover various aspects of website building aside from what is covered by a web designer. In order to be able to choose the best developer you can hire to help you to develop a high quality website, you need to know what factors that make a website developer appropriate for you.

As a matter of fact, a good website developer should be able to understand and done full development cycle. This is what a website developer is responsible for. A good developer should be responsible for the website developing project from the beginning until the end. To support his ability on managing the full development cycle, a website developer should be able to use proper technology as well. Furthermore, a good website developer is also required to master back-end technologies instead of the front-end technologies. What he should master may include Ruby on Rails, PHP, and ASP.net. Considering the fact that there are quite many back-end technologies a good and professional website developer must be very flexible on using the technologies. He should be able to use appropriate technologies according to what his clients need the most. On the other hand, a good developer must understand both front-end and back-end coding, including HTML and WVC framework. Those kinds of coding are his very materials to build a virtual house named a website. Mastering coding will be very helpful for a web developer because almost all their development cycle requires them to use codes and particular formulas. Besides those mentioned factors, a good and professional website developer is required to have good understanding on research and development. He must be able to do such research over his clients to collect data about what the clients’ needs are, what their goals are, and more. By conducting preliminary research, a website developer can develop websites which suit to the clients’ expectation. Not to mention, a good website developer also needs to use source control. Source control aims to help a developer to manage the codes flexibly. A developer is allowed to make such changes to the codes without losing the previous codes they use.

By knowing what factors which make a good and professional web developer are you are expected to be able to select the best website developer. You may choose the one who works alone or the one who works in a team under a professional website developer company as long as they are qualified and responsible to do the full development cycle.

Does a Web Developer Position Need a Bachelor Degree to Work?


Web DevelopmentPeople now are very dependent to internet. They use it for everyday living and will find everything on it. As the demand of the information and the web grows rapidly, the needs of web developers also raises. It is estimated that the career in web developing business will increase up to 20% in the next ten years. And unfortunately, there are only few people work in this field. People think that this career needs high bachelor degree. But is that true? So you need bachelor degree for web developing? Well, the answer for it is surprisingly a NO.

The curriculum won’t suffice the needs of web developing thing

With the huge wave of web consumer in the past ten years, the career on web programming and other computer basis business will be crawling up at least for the next ten to twenty years. If you really want to get involved in such business, the only thing you must to do is mastering it perfectly. In web developing business, the question simply will be: can you not or can you? There is no question about your last education background or your bachelor degree. So, to work in such field, bachelor degree for web developing is not necessarily required. Even if you have one, the company you’re about to work will never use it because they believe the program you learn when you take a traditional college will not suffice the programming needs by the time you graduate. The curriculum of a college wouldn’t be fast enough to keep up the change of the programming development out there.

Rapid programming training as the substitution for formal education

When bachelor degree for web developing is not the thing that really matters right now, there are things you can do if you really want to get into this computer web business. And it is not a formal schooling that will take time in learning how to develop a web. At the time you learn, the developing web will be changing continuously. And by the time you graduate, all the lessons about developing a program will be in vain because it will be outdated. To keep up with web developing thing, there are training for the amateur to a pro. The training is quite expensive in about 8.000 USD for three months. or, if you are willing to make an application for a gadget, the cost will be added to 15.000 for extra 8 weeks course. Another way to get a career on the web business is by learning by yourself. There are plenty of books telling about web developing. Sounds old-fashioned, I know, but that is effective, since you can learn and practice it anytime. All you need to do to make things work is just keep practicing and learning. There is no other way you can make it without consistency and hard work.