Emotional Approach in Designing Websites


Emotional Web DesignNowadays, web design is very popular among people. Website designs can be a very important key in attracting and also gaining visitors of the websites. However, many web designer usually only focused on designing websites that look professional or modern. The websites probably look neat and serious but they lack “emotional” element on it. Many web designers seem to be “abandoning” this trait. They often think that the visitors or the users will considered it as an unimportant element. In fact, emotional element on websites can be more effective to attract visitors. This element can be used as representation of personality, creativity, and even sensitiveness of the websites.

Emotional web design is more than just making the visitors interested or excited. It is aimed at building trust and connection between the visitors and also the websites. There are some tips you can use to build emotional relationship with your visitors.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your website visitors well is the most effective way to build strong connection with them. It’s better if you have detailed information of them before designing your websites. Those information can show who the visitors are, their goals, their hobbies, etc. It will helps you to know what they really want and need.


The color of the websites have different effects for a person to the other. It can be used to represent emotions. For example, bright colors represent “happiness”, while darker colors may describe “serious” feelings.

Images and Graphics

You can use images and graphics as media to build connection with your website visitors. Make sure that you use familiar pictures that can be easily recognized by them. You also have to use pictures that describe your websites well. Suitable images help the visitors to feel what the goal of your websites are. Websites that can evoke emotions of their visitors will be more success in achieving the goal.


The design of website can be an effective way to attract website visitors. However, great website is not only measured from its design but also its content. Content is one of the most crucial element of emotional web design. You can arouse your website visitors by displaying the well-written messages on it. The messages is not only have to be grammatical correct but also understandable for the visitors. Those messages should show the visitors’ needs and wants. You can also use different tone in conveying the messages. It will help the visitors more easily to understand and feel the messages and the goal on the website.

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