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What Makes a Good and Professional Web Developer?


Web DeveloperWeb developer is an essential part of website building and hosting. A website developer must cover various aspects of website building aside from what is covered by a web designer. In order to be able to choose the best developer you can hire to help you to develop a high quality website, you need to know what factors that make a website developer appropriate for you.

As a matter of fact, a good website developer should be able to understand and done full development cycle. This is what a website developer is responsible for. A good developer should be responsible for the website developing project from the beginning until the end. To support his ability on managing the full development cycle, a website developer should be able to use proper technology as well. Furthermore, a good website developer is also required to master back-end technologies instead of the front-end technologies. What he should master may include Ruby on Rails, PHP, and ASP.net. Considering the fact that there are quite many back-end technologies a good and professional website developer must be very flexible on using the technologies. He should be able to use appropriate technologies according to what his clients need the most. On the other hand, a good developer must understand both front-end and back-end coding, including HTML and WVC framework. Those kinds of coding are his very materials to build a virtual house named a website. Mastering coding will be very helpful for a web developer because almost all their development cycle requires them to use codes and particular formulas. Besides those mentioned factors, a good and professional website developer is required to have good understanding on research and development. He must be able to do such research over his clients to collect data about what the clients’ needs are, what their goals are, and more. By conducting preliminary research, a website developer can develop websites which suit to the clients’ expectation. Not to mention, a good website developer also needs to use source control. Source control aims to help a developer to manage the codes flexibly. A developer is allowed to make such changes to the codes without losing the previous codes they use.

By knowing what factors which make a good and professional web developer are you are expected to be able to select the best website developer. You may choose the one who works alone or the one who works in a team under a professional website developer company as long as they are qualified and responsible to do the full development cycle.

The Use of Parallax Scrolling Design for a Better Success of Your Web


Parallax ScrollingIf human can be said to be successful if they are able to gain wealth as well as the dreams of their life, different type of success can be found in website. A website can be said to be a successful one if it has a quite high traffic level, which can in fact be obtained by the lots of people who visit it in every single day. In the year of 2014, there are in fact quite a lot of web design trends that you can follow in order to make your web to be better so that it will be able to attract more visitors to come and check out the contents you share there. If you are confused about which trend to follow, parallax scrolling system seems to be a very interesting and effective one.

The main idea that can be found in parallax scrolling as a form of web design trends is the use of a really special scrolling system that can simply be said to make the view on the website to move as you scroll down. In simple words, it can be said that this scrolling system makes every website to be more interesting and attractive since the home view, especially, will look like it is given a kind of animation effect, it is only that the effect can be seen by scrolling the cursor down. In the eyes of visitors, it cannot be denied that this kind of system makes gaining information from sites to be more interesting and so far away from the word ‘boring’.

At this point of time, there are quite a lot of website owners who decide to build their websites based on this parallax scrolling design. And do you know want, they are nominated to be ones of the bests in this year and they also gain more visitors, which number actually keep increasing. Based on this fact, it will be so great for you to follow the trend and trying your luck in making your website to look way more attractive in the eyes of your visitor. In accordance to the fame of this new scrolling system, which is in fact known to be compatible to two new technologies; HTML5 and also CSS3, there are more and more web designers who provide the service of building website based on this scrolling system design. In other words, it can be said that there is no need for you to learn on your own about how to design website with parallaxscrolling system. As suggestion, you need to plan the web design and choose the designer really carefully because of the fact that wrong design will only make the website to be lame instead of cool and interactive.

Does a Web Developer Position Need a Bachelor Degree to Work?


Web DevelopmentPeople now are very dependent to internet. They use it for everyday living and will find everything on it. As the demand of the information and the web grows rapidly, the needs of web developers also raises. It is estimated that the career in web developing business will increase up to 20% in the next ten years. And unfortunately, there are only few people work in this field. People think that this career needs high bachelor degree. But is that true? So you need bachelor degree for web developing? Well, the answer for it is surprisingly a NO.

The curriculum won’t suffice the needs of web developing thing

With the huge wave of web consumer in the past ten years, the career on web programming and other computer basis business will be crawling up at least for the next ten to twenty years. If you really want to get involved in such business, the only thing you must to do is mastering it perfectly. In web developing business, the question simply will be: can you not or can you? There is no question about your last education background or your bachelor degree. So, to work in such field, bachelor degree for web developing is not necessarily required. Even if you have one, the company you’re about to work will never use it because they believe the program you learn when you take a traditional college will not suffice the programming needs by the time you graduate. The curriculum of a college wouldn’t be fast enough to keep up the change of the programming development out there.

Rapid programming training as the substitution for formal education

When bachelor degree for web developing is not the thing that really matters right now, there are things you can do if you really want to get into this computer web business. And it is not a formal schooling that will take time in learning how to develop a web. At the time you learn, the developing web will be changing continuously. And by the time you graduate, all the lessons about developing a program will be in vain because it will be outdated. To keep up with web developing thing, there are training for the amateur to a pro. The training is quite expensive in about 8.000 USD for three months. or, if you are willing to make an application for a gadget, the cost will be added to 15.000 for extra 8 weeks course. Another way to get a career on the web business is by learning by yourself. There are plenty of books telling about web developing. Sounds old-fashioned, I know, but that is effective, since you can learn and practice it anytime. All you need to do to make things work is just keep practicing and learning. There is no other way you can make it without consistency and hard work.

Create Fast Website for Fast Profit


In this modern time, most people like to get money in fast and easy way. Technology helps you to easy get money that you want without doing hard effort. You can earn money in your home only. Most people today like to get money with their website. Earning money with website is not a secret again now. Most people try to create best website and they try to promote all things with their website. Unfortunately, not all websites are high quality website. There are some criteria of best website that you must have and create. Your website must be able to attract all viewers or visitors to click and open your website.


Some people usually create website in wrong place that is why they don’t get lots of visitors. For all of you who are looking for the best place to create website, you better choose Wix as the best place. Wix offers you better place to make website and also offer you web design services. When you read Wix website builder reviews, you will find the reasons why so many people finally choose this place as the best place to make website and add some designs for their website.


Actually when you search in the internet, you will find some website builder companies that offered to you. Each of website builder companies offers you some website packages with various prices too. People who are beginner in website business usually want to create website with low price even for free. It is easy for you when you use Wix.


Wix offers you different service with some other places. Wix gives you chance to create beautiful website for free. You can get some extra features and upgrade all things in easy way too. Today more than 30 million sites were created by using Wix. You are easy to create website or add accessories and features to your website for free when you open Wix site. When you want to know more about Wix website builder, you can search in some sources now. You can start now to create best website and then grab people’s attention in very fast time.

Some Easy Steps on Developing Personal Website


Internet is so important in today’s life. So many things attach to internet. Almost all company use computer and internet to conduct a business. If you want to learn about certain company, you just have to visit the company website. Having a website is important for companies, but what about having personal website? If you want to have a personal website, then you can develop it by yourself. There are many reasons of why you might want to have personal website. One of the reasons might be that you like to write blog in your personal website. If you never build your own website, then you might need some helps. But it would be fun if you do it by yourself.

If you want to build a website, then you need to find a web hosting. There is some web hosting that you can choose especially if you are a beginner. You should choose the one that you like best. After you are able to find certain web hosting, you can start choosing certain domain. A domain name is the one thing that people look when they want to find your website. So you might want to create your own domain name. It could be more creative in that way. But you should remember that the domain name should reflect your website. If you want to stay connect to other people, you might want to have an email address connected to your domain name. The first thing people see in you website is the design. Web design is the first impression for your personal website, so you need to design it as best as you can.

If you do not know how to make a design for you website, then you can choose a template design from your web hosting. Some web hosting offer you with several template design that you can choose. Even if design is important, the content of your personal website is also important. You need to make a profile of yourself. A personal website is all about you, so just write anything you like. You should not restrain yourself in your own personal website. Remember to be creative so more people would like to visit your personal website.

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