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Clean and Modern Web Design and How to Make It

Clean and Modern Web Design and How to Make It

Making clean and modern web design is really necessary. That is one of important ways to attract readers to visit your website. However, some people are still confused how to make their website that clean and that modern. Actually, it is not that hard to make the website clean and sophisticated. You just need to understand what elements that should be set for the design. Well, this article will give you some information dealing with the tips of clean and modern web design inspiration.

Tips to Make Clean and Modern Web Design: White Space

The first element that you have to pay attention to in clean and modern web design ideas is space. You need to adjust the space with your content. So, your website is not awkward and messy. You are able to use white space instead of lines, boxes or graphics to separate visualization presented in your website. In addition, your website will be more elegant and cleaner with white space. So, just implement the suggestion which is using white space to create clean and modern web design.

To create white space, you are able to use Photoshop which has Guides and Grids. Those are really helpful to position each element in the website accurately. You can create a guide by pressing Ctrl+R for Windows program and Cmd+R for Mac program. Your whole document will be overlaid by the grid. Then, it is set by the guides manually. If this explanation is still blurry, you are able to download Photoshop tutorial. There are thorough explanations about making white space for clean and modern web design there.

Tips to Make Clean and Modern Web Design: Depth and Detail

The next two elements that will help you create clean and modern web design are depth and detail. You are able to adjust the depth by setting the shadow and light. Those things are able to create real and crisp look your website elements. You are able to apply shadow effects to any object you want. You can also apply the effects to text layer and selection. However, you have to choose a color which is appropriate with the color of forgo and background.

Let us move to the detail. You are able to create it by setting effects of gradient layer and gradient tool. Those play a big role in making your web design cleaner, more effective, and more modern. You are able to apply the gradients in each aspect of styling such as highlights and shadows to get a look of clean and modern web design.

WordPress Design for Your Business

WordPress Design for Your Business

Having an online business using WordPress demands you think about your WordPress design. The design should be stunning to attract people to your business. WordPress is one of weblogs that people usually choose to advertise their business. There are many designs available as a template. However, you will have more if you have the software. In the software, you are able to design the blog by exploring your creativity. If you are not familiar with the software, you can follow wordpress design tutorial. Here are two designs that you can choose for your business.

WordPress Design for Your Business: Fashion Theme

If you have a business in fashion world, this theme is really recommended. The design is really simple and modern. The details are not too much. Cream is chosen as a background color. The color is really great and elegant. This WordPress design is cute with a picture set in the upper left corner. The picture is made from the vector and some ornaments complete the picture. You are able to choose this theme for your fashion business.

There are many options are available for fashion business as well. The cream option is one of the examples. You are able to choose blue, orange, green, and pink from wordpress design website. From the websites, there are many templates. Those are beautiful and wonderful. However, if you intend to bring your own logo as the picture for your WordPress design, you are able to make it by yourself using the software mentioned above.

WordPress Design for Your Business: Music Theme

Are you interested in music? If you are interested in music, you are able to explore something you like for your business. You do not need to sells CDs or DVDs. Having a blog can help you earn some money. So, you can make a blog with a theme based on your passion. If you are interested in music, you can choose one of several options for WordPress design for music.

The common color that you can choose is black. You are able to choose the color. Those are really elegant. In addition, black is totally representative for some genres of music such as rock or jazz. You are able to add some ornaments in the blog. In the web, you can upload lyrics from various songs. Reviews of some albums or songs will be so good for the blog contents of WordPress design.

Business Card Design for Your Company

Business Card Design for Your Company

If you want to renew your business card, you need to think about an amazing business card design to get fresh look. You need to make the design different from your old card. You can change the color, layout, and also the font. Whatever it is, there are some points that have to be listed in the card. Those points are your company name, your company logo, and also your company address.

Paper Stock for Business Card Design

Paper stock has a heavy mass. It is really a good choice for flimsier and lighter paper for your business card design. Many people choose this material for their design. They like the accent appeared by using this card. Some other people also choose this paper since it is more durable than usual card. To make the card look more professional and elegant for business, you had better coat the blank site matte with UV and Gloss. That makes the card sleeker. However, that is so budget-consuming. You are able to cut it by having the front of the cards coated.

The sleek card will represent how professional you are. Paper stock is really brilliant for your new business card design. The paper is under standard which will give sophisticated presentation. For the color of the paper stock, you are able to choose silver, linen, ivory, and gold. The paper stock is available in those colors. You are able to choose one that you think it is the most suitable to new business card design inspiration.

Shape for Business Card Design

Your next task after choosing paper stock as the material for your business card design is finding a shape of the card. Many people choose rectangle for the business card. The size is 2 by 3.5 inches. That is the perfect size that you can apply for the card. Besides rectangle, you are able to choose square. However, if you think that those shapes are common and you want something different for your business card, you are able to choose rounded corners for the rectangle cards make those more standing out.

You are able to design your business card as fashionable as you want using business card design software. However, you have pay attention more to the contents of the card. What you should list on the card is the most important thing of all. Your company name should be printed with bigger fonts. Below the name, you can add the address of the company. You are also able to list special offers by your company in your new business card design.

Design Principles: What You Should Know

Design Principles: What You Should Know

Design principles are the things you should follow when it comes to making design since it contains the basic rule of creative design. Those are the things that should be mastered by the designers. There are some aspects that you should notice when you make a design. Keep in mind that making a design cannot be done carelessly unless you are an amateur. For the professional ones, there are some things that they should follow. Design principles and elements are something related. That is why you should master both of them to get the creative design.

Design Principles: Balance, Gradation, Repetition, and Contrast

Balance is something you learn in design principles. When you have two images combined, the large one should be balanced by the small one, the dark light tone should be balanced with the light tone, and such. Gradation will give you the linear productive. The direction and size gradation from dark to light or warm to cool will give the aerial productive. Repetition should be made with the kind of variation. Repetition without variation will be boring and monotonous. Contrast is the opposed elements. In color wheel, it can be green to red, orange to blue, and such. Contrast in tone, like dark to light.

Design Principles: Harmony, Dominance, Unity

Harmony in design principles will give you the satisfying visual in effect by combining the similar elements. It is actually the opposite of contrast. Dominance can be used in one certain element to emphasize the design. The great dominance will make your design far from being monotonous. Unity is the combination of two different elements that are meant to be combined. For example, rough texture, oblique direction, and course can be best to combine with subject that is active and aggressive. It is because both of them will give the great design.

Keep in mind that design principles and practice are something you cannot separate. It means that if you want to follow the design principles as perfect as possible, you should practice as many times as possible. One thing for sure, creative design is not that hard to get if you know how to do it.

If you want to get the inspiration, there are many websites out there that you can use to get the ideas. You can also get the template and customize it based on your imagination. Yet, when you use your imagination, do not forget to also follow the rule of design principles.

Emotional Approach in Designing Websites


Emotional Web DesignNowadays, web design is very popular among people. Website designs can be a very important key in attracting and also gaining visitors of the websites. However, many web designer usually only focused on designing websites that look professional or modern. The websites probably look neat and serious but they lack “emotional” element on it. Many web designers seem to be “abandoning” this trait. They often think that the visitors or the users will considered it as an unimportant element. In fact, emotional element on websites can be more effective to attract visitors. This element can be used as representation of personality, creativity, and even sensitiveness of the websites.

Emotional web design is more than just making the visitors interested or excited. It is aimed at building trust and connection between the visitors and also the websites. There are some tips you can use to build emotional relationship with your visitors.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your website visitors well is the most effective way to build strong connection with them. It’s better if you have detailed information of them before designing your websites. Those information can show who the visitors are, their goals, their hobbies, etc. It will helps you to know what they really want and need.


The color of the websites have different effects for a person to the other. It can be used to represent emotions. For example, bright colors represent “happiness”, while darker colors may describe “serious” feelings.

Images and Graphics

You can use images and graphics as media to build connection with your website visitors. Make sure that you use familiar pictures that can be easily recognized by them. You also have to use pictures that describe your websites well. Suitable images help the visitors to feel what the goal of your websites are. Websites that can evoke emotions of their visitors will be more success in achieving the goal.


The design of website can be an effective way to attract website visitors. However, great website is not only measured from its design but also its content. Content is one of the most crucial element of emotional web design. You can arouse your website visitors by displaying the well-written messages on it. The messages is not only have to be grammatical correct but also understandable for the visitors. Those messages should show the visitors’ needs and wants. You can also use different tone in conveying the messages. It will help the visitors more easily to understand and feel the messages and the goal on the website.

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