What to Consider to Make Sure You Can Be Successful with Pay Per Click Program


Pay Per ClickThere are surely so many things you can do to monetize your website. But one point before you can monetize your website is to make sure the visitors have been so great in its amount. Notice that we are talking about the unique visitor each day. If the visitor is good enough, to cope with any monetization program is a piece of cake. Remember that you can really make a fortune out of this kind of business. And at this point, we are going to talk about what you should do to deal with online monetization by using pay per click program.

What is pay per click program? This kind of monetization method refers to the space you provide on your website which will be used to show the advertisements. You will be able to earn some money if the visitors click on the advertisements. The amount for each click is varied and it depends of the advertisers. The amount can be quite low (less than $1) or it might be big. However, please do not think that it will be so hard for you to earn great fortune from this monetization program. Notice that we are dealing with the multiplication here. And remember about the amount of visitors mentioned before. If your website has great amount of visitors each day (let’s say it’s about 1000 visitors), and 10% of the visitors click on the advertisement in which the amount is about $0.5 per click, how much will you get? 10% x 1000 is 100 visitors. $0.5 x 100 visitors is $50. Small isn’t it? Wait a minute. $50 is for one day and one advertisement. On your website, once you have joined in pay per click program, there will be some advertisements. And for the whole month, at least you are able to gain, more or less, $1500. Do you think such amount is still small? I don’t think so. What if the clickers are more than 100 visitors each day? I will let you do the counting then.

Indeed, the explanation mentioned before about the pay per click program is really tempting. However, the reality might not be as sweet as it is shown above. There might be some factors to cause the amount to be less than the calculation we have done earlier. Take the example of the location of the advertisements. Sometimes, because a webmaster wants to optimize the amount of the income, the advertisements are placed all over the web page. This is totally wrong. The visitors will be uncomfortable whenever they visit your website. Thus, instead of clicking the advertisements, they will go away from your website. Therefore, you should be wise about it. Place the advertisements in natural amount and natural placement. For each post, the great placement is usually on top of the article, or within the first paragraph, in the middle and the end of the article. And you can also place the advertisements on your sidebar.

Cheap but Good Hosting


Are on your way in making your own website but you are stuck in finding web hosting? And it will be worse if the main problem why you are stuck in finding web hosting is you are in a condition where you are short of cash? As old people say “There is a will, there is a way”, your problem is actually able to be solved.

The next thing you need to do is find a cheap but good web hosting to complete your work on making your website. It is can be said that finding cheap web hosting is an easy work to do, but to find a cheap but good web hosting is another work. You may find many and many cheap web hosting on your search but the quality of their hosting is still questioned. Cheap web hosting usually lead to unsafe data storage or misusing of people’s data that are storage data, whether the misusing is for the need of the owner of the web hosting or to do harm to other people. Thus, to find cheap but good web hosting, you can use several ways.

One of the ways that is available is by buying the storage of the others. Maybe some people are not involved anymore in web hosting and they want to sell their storage, thus this is your chance to obtain cheap but good web hosting. Yet, you must still aware of it, find out the reputation of the old owner is important to avoid harm that may happen to you. Or, you can get some web hosting coupon to lower the price of web hosting.

Having coupon is one great thing that you may do, as it saves some money so you can use it for another need. Yet, you must still be aware of this kind of thing, there are many services that offer web hosting coupon in order to decrease the price of the storage but they are actually fake. You should find the trustworthy service of web hosting coupon to make sure that you are using the right coupon to complete your website. To get the best satisfaction, you are highly recommended to get the coupon from Coupon Divvy to help you save more money.

The Use of Parallax Scrolling Design for a Better Success of Your Web


Parallax ScrollingIf human can be said to be successful if they are able to gain wealth as well as the dreams of their life, different type of success can be found in website. A website can be said to be a successful one if it has a quite high traffic level, which can in fact be obtained by the lots of people who visit it in every single day. In the year of 2014, there are in fact quite a lot of web design trends that you can follow in order to make your web to be better so that it will be able to attract more visitors to come and check out the contents you share there. If you are confused about which trend to follow, parallax scrolling system seems to be a very interesting and effective one.

The main idea that can be found in parallax scrolling as a form of web design trends is the use of a really special scrolling system that can simply be said to make the view on the website to move as you scroll down. In simple words, it can be said that this scrolling system makes every website to be more interesting and attractive since the home view, especially, will look like it is given a kind of animation effect, it is only that the effect can be seen by scrolling the cursor down. In the eyes of visitors, it cannot be denied that this kind of system makes gaining information from sites to be more interesting and so far away from the word ‘boring’.

At this point of time, there are quite a lot of website owners who decide to build their websites based on this parallax scrolling design. And do you know want, they are nominated to be ones of the bests in this year and they also gain more visitors, which number actually keep increasing. Based on this fact, it will be so great for you to follow the trend and trying your luck in making your website to look way more attractive in the eyes of your visitor. In accordance to the fame of this new scrolling system, which is in fact known to be compatible to two new technologies; HTML5 and also CSS3, there are more and more web designers who provide the service of building website based on this scrolling system design. In other words, it can be said that there is no need for you to learn on your own about how to design website with parallaxscrolling system. As suggestion, you need to plan the web design and choose the designer really carefully because of the fact that wrong design will only make the website to be lame instead of cool and interactive.

Larger Font Sizes as One Example of Web Design Trends in 2014


Larger Font SizeDo you know about what the key for better web design is? If you do not know about this, the answer is no other else but trends. Web design also has some trends that may be different in each year. In the year of 2014 for example, there are quite a lot of web design trends that can be found. One example of those, which is actually quite interesting, is larger font sizes. Do you know about why these are considered as an interesting trend in the world of webdesign in 2014? Here is the explanation.

In general, it is so clear that larger font sizes make every visitor to get more comfort in reading certain web content he wants to read. You may have experienced before about how hard and uncomfortable it is to read web content with small size font that you have to zoom the page in and it actually makes the view of the page to be even more uncomfortable for you to look. That is why it would be so great if in the year of 2014 there will be more and more websites that use bigger font sizes so that every visitor can really gain the comfort they need whenever they are trying to gain information from webs.

One more thing that you have to know related to webdesign is about why larger font sizes become a trend in the year of 2014. It is not actually related to the previous thing only. Instead, it is also about the fact that nowadays people can access internet with more devices in various screen size, including also the small ones. In some previous time, smaller fonts are used quite a lot as the default font of websites. It is not only because the fonts are common but also because of the fact that usually people access websites by using their personal computers laptops or netbooks that basically have quite large screen sizes. Nowadays is quite different actually because those devices are not the only ones used to access sites in internet. This is the reason why larger size of font is much better to choose for the web content. If web owners want to get more and more visitors at this point of time, it is so much better for them to consider applying larger font instead of the small one. For those who have already built their sites, they can just redesign these in order to change the smaller to larger font. This way, the web contents can also be readable even if the sites are accessed via smaller device, such as smartphones and phablets that in fact reach their highest level of popularity in these recent years among people in so many societies around the globe.